Awareness on Verbal Abuse

ISKANDAR, JOHOR – Raffles Designer Michelle TEE exhibited her work titled “Being Silent is Very Dangerous” which aimed to raise awareness on verbal abuse that occurs in domestic violence victims.

When people hear the phrase “domestic violence”, they think of physical abuse. Very rarely people conjure up images of verbal and emotional abuse. Verbal abuse is invisible and therefore it cannot be seen with our eyes.

Michelle’s work uses images of a child, a wife and an elderly lady, all which had hidden abusive words written on them. These hidden words reflect scars suffered by the victims, which the audience had to discover using a UV light.

The designer wanted to help these people to voice out on the abuse they had to endure, and hopes that this will create more awareness to the public. The idea of using invisible ink and UV light comes from “hope”. The UV light represents “hope”, while invisible ink represents the hidden scars. When we shine the light on them, it means we are here to help them.


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