Chennai Calling

INDIA – The heaviest rainfall in decades has caused widespread flooding across the southern state of Tamil Nadu, driving thousands away from their homes, shutting factories and paralysing the airport in the state capital.

Chennai is fighting the worst rain in a hundred years and the floods are causing unimaginable devastation and tragedies after another. While officials blamed the unusual heavy rainfall for the disaster, many of the audience are watching the tragedy and the fight back live on television and internet and are wondering how to help. This tragedy has brought out most unlikely scenes, thus proving once again that humanity is the only force that binds people on this planet.

In tough periods like these, students of Raffles Bangalore came forward to carry out a relief operation on 5th December 2015 by partnering with other organisations that are involved in sending relief funds to Chennai. Within a day’s time, Raffles Creative Practitioners and students were able to spread the message across to friends and family members for the collection of essential items such as food, sanitation kit, blankets, cloth and medicine for donation. They responded promptly and donated a sufficient amount of items to help fellow citizens who are stuck in the submerged city.


We are proud of our students at Raffles Bangalore who offered a helping hand in the relief operation.

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