Citizenship By Design

SRI LANKA – Through holistic education, Raffles has been instrumental in the transformation of society, enabling students to grow in all areas of development. At Raffles Colombo, we believe that a good education will provide opportunities for students to be equipped with skills that compliment with health sensitivities and environmental sustainability. The willingness to contribute positively got Raffles Colombo to collaborate with Lions International District 306 A1 for a campaign on 10th February 2016. Entitled “A Blood Donation Campaign”, 45 donors, including staff and students from Raffles and neighbouring offices, participated in this community initiative and the response was very encouraging. Local companies also sponsored the event through donations of food and drinks.

This is just one of the events promoted by Raffles in Colombo alongside supporting some micro-financed initiatives with low income communities. Another project planned in the coming months for all Raffles students, Student Representative Council members and Alumni is to work with a home for the elderly and an orphanage to provide support, collaboration and companionship. The purpose of this project to provide opportunities for up and coming professionals to learn the importance of caring for others who are less fortunate in their circumstances. Our commitment is not only to promote “Success by Design”, but to also promote solid citizenship and a strong understanding of personal and collective cultural values.


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