Designing Towards Greater Success

INDIA – Perseverance breeds success and at Raffles, students are well-ingrained with the belief that they are capable of remarkable achievements. Such an example manifests in Raffles Fashion Designer, Snigdha AGARWAL, for the exhibition of her work in ‘Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo’ at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai.

For this artwork, Snigdha collaborated with 3D printing company, Divide By Zero, to design a dress that is made entirely out of India’s first 3D printed fabric. Using an approach to generative design, this 3D printed dress was produced by a set of rules and algorithm that is controlled by the computer or an external device. The outcome exudes the true prowess of this hot and emerging technology. Donning this outfit was up-and-coming actress and model, Neha MURALI, as she graced the exhibition with her alluring presence, much to the delight of the audience as is evident in their overwhelming cheers and applause.


As a proud alumni of Raffles Mumbai, Snigdha made her name in the global fashion scene by designing men’s and women’s wear through her Label, ‘House of Snigdha’.

Having previously been occupied with projects such as television commercials, movies and an ad film for Streax Hair Color, such works will be added into her already blazing portfolio that includes Mary Kom, Bournvita, Guerlain’s Shalimar and editorial shoots.

Snigdha also owns a sub-brand for young minds and creative souls called ‘Kapde Ki Dukaan’, which is all about welcoming fresh talents to sell their items on an online platform.

Once again, with all her passion and dedication towards the design platform, we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours!

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