Enhancing Learning with Design

India – At Raffles, we never stop learning and looking for ways to improve. Even so for our Creative Practitioners, as we believe in taking a creative stance and practical-based approach in classroom and laboratory sessions can help students to be more effective in making the link between theoretical and practical knowledge.

To highlight the importance of these ever-changing efforts, a one-day orientation workshop for lecturers was hosted by the Raffles Greater Noida in collaboration with IUCEE (Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education) on 16 July 2015. The workshop, entitled “Integrating Projects and Design into Core Engineering Courses: Enhancing Learning and Preparing Professionals”, was designated to help lecturers understand how to integrate projects into traditional courses, and thus enhance the classroom experience.

The workshop was inaugurated by Professor Krishna Vedula, Executive Director of IUCEE and Professor and Dean Emeritus of University of Massachusetts, and Professor Bill Oakes, Director of EPICS and Purdue University. Dr. Krishna Rao, Director and Dean of Raffles Greater Noida’s School of Engineering, welcomed the guests and lecturers from across India and Professor Vedula gave an introduction of IUCEE and its role in transforming Engineering education in India with the support of global faculty. The workshop was divided into four sessions in which Professor Oakes discussed ‘Tools for Managing and Teaching Teamwork’, ‘Communication and Design’ and ‘Assessment strategies’. In these interactive sessions, he engaged the faculty members by helping them to identify at least three types of project-based learning that can be beneficial for their students, and then describing at least one idea to implement into their own courses in the following year. Each planning required a clear identification of resources needed to implement it into the project(s), a listing of at least two learning objectives for the project(s) and an outline of at least two assessment strategies for the project experience.


The 27 teachers from the IUCEE Consortium colleges’ community who attended the workshop emphasised the need for such workshops to be organised for each and every teacher involved in engineering education.

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