Fashion Beyond Limits

INDONESIA – Fashion was recently the talk of the school as Joe SPINELLI, Principal of Raffles Singapore delivered an inspiring talk on the subject in a two day visit to Raffles Surabaya.

On day one, the students were introduced to Mr. SPINELLI who explained about how students at Raffles Singapore elaborated on their creativity and ideas as it proved to challenge something that was out of their comfort zones. The students were also triggered to invent new techniques such as reconstructing existing garments and achieving zero waste. One of the students from Raffles Singapore managed to complete blind draping as she was eager to challenge herself after a session of draping. This fresh approach has been introduced in fashion to create new designs.

In attendance were Raffles Singapore Fashion Designers Cynthia FRANSISCA, Dewi ASTHARI, and Ivana LUKITO. Ivana, who graduated in December 2015, shared her experience of channeling inspiration for her final year’s collection by exploring her sense of nationality as she thought most of the youths in Indonesia are not really connected by their culture. By using the technique of appliqué, she overlaid patterns that are usually found on traditional woven cloth onto a skirt while sewing glass beads over the twill to add sparkle to the coat.

Students of Raffles Surabaya were intrigued and inspired by Mr. SPINELLI’s talk. “These inspirational words and visual instruction of encouragement for us, fashion students was motivational as it encourages us to be more creative by showing unique and fashionably designed garments for our final collections”, commented Arman HIFNI Ramadhan, who studies Fashion Marketing. Giovanny KIJANTO, a Fashion Design student, spoke of how eye-opening the talk was. “I thought Mr. SPINELLI presented a lot of ideas and solutions for students to apply and finish their mini collections. He is very creative and has a very good taste in fashion.”

Fashion might be hot on the heels upon the talk but day two saw Mr. SPINELLI delivering a presentation that saw the attendance of students from different disciplines. Sharing about the collaboration with University of Chester, students were presented with insights on obtaining their degree with Honours. They were also exposed to the development of Raffles and award-winning projects by design students from Raffles Singapore. “I hope these kinds of presentations will be held frequently in the near future so students can be updated with important and meaningful information about Raffles”, commented  Aldia JUWITA, who is currently majoring in Business Management.


Overall, presentations conducted by Mr. Joe SPINELLI provided a multitude of insights for the students. Not only are the students very welcoming of the news regarding the collaboration with University of Chester but this allows them to have the opportunity to be more competitive and constructive in a globalised world beyond the Asia Pacific region. This exposure will only benefit and enable each individual to look beyond their academic qualifications and plan ahead to design their own future.

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