Global Citizen for Sustainable Development

INDIA – At Raffles, we believe in fostering collaborations that are conducive in enhancing a student’s lifelong learning journey. Besides providing a holistic and quality education, we seek to engage students in community related activities that expose them to ongoing issues in the society. One prime instance would be Global Citizens for Sustainable Development Vedike (GCSD Vedike), a non-profit organisation (NGO) that Raffles Bangalore has been partnering with for the past few years.

Apart from its primary objective of developing and implementing educational, cultural and economic programs to empower under-privileged sections of society, GCSD Vedike’s involvements are often within ranges of child welfare, providing stable housing, sanitation facility, vocational training and education for children, youth, men and women of urban and rural areas. Raffles Bangalore’s participance has prompted Raffles Product Designers to donate a one-of-its-kind, self-made foosball machine to children under the care of GCSD Vedike. It was a gesture of love and timely Christmas gift from our students in the season of giving.

By engaging in such initiatives, our students are appreciative of being fortunate enough to receive formal education as it is their way of contributing to the less privileged.


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