The Great Surabaya Project

INDONESIA – At Raffles, we bring the out the best in our students by encouraging them to conquer their limits. Recently, Raffles Surabaya students put themselves to the test where they were tasked to create something from scratch. Under the tutelage of creative practitioner, Michel TANGUAY, the Corporate Identity and Brand Management class were assigned to create a modern marketing strategy for a nondescript, generic product. The three participating groups enhanced their creativity and group dynamics which in turn fostered leadership skills and teamwork. The final presentation demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit for functionality in a real-world setting. One group stood tall among the rest. Raffles Entrepreneurs Vianny AURESIA, Erlinda GUNAWAN, Kenno KEN and Gerry ARDINATA went beyond the call of duty and forged ahead with the creation of a fully-operational clothing brand labelled CLOUD 19.

With the support of a manufacturer in Bali, a functional e-commerce website, supply chain, warehouse, and a marketable line of wearable products, this project was an amazing accomplishment. The educational value gained in making the transition from fiction to reality is unparalleled and that is when one transforms from a business student to an entrepreneur.

“Cloud 19 is a fashion retail business focusing on beachwear. We created this brand out of our love for the beach and we considered the potential that exists among youths in Indonesia who like to travel and snap pictures of the beach. The name, ‘Cloud 19’, represents happiness and how we want our customers to feel when they wear our collection. Each of our products has different personalities and comes in limited quantity in terms of design, colour and fabric. In other words, the products manifest singularity and exclusivity, making the wearer proud of the genuine style it delivers”. Vianny said.

“Overall, we think that this project was very challenging but enjoyable at the same time. We applied many theories in the learning process to create this brand from the beginning to where we received feedback from customers at the booth. Sincere appreciation for our creative practitioner, Mitchel TANGUAY, for giving us this opportunity to explore our creativity and also for his constant encouragement to do our best.”


Best of luck to all our students pursuing a career in this fledgling industry and may they persevere in the face of adversities.

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