Lights, Diyas, Diwali!

INDIA – Creative Practitioners and students alike at Raffles Mumbai celebrated another year of accomplishments and success, as Diwali – the festival of lights, diyas (a traditional oil lamp, usually made from clay) and colours rolled around once more.

It was a fun-filled day of celebrations indeed, where after a short puja (a prayer ritual meant to honour and display reverence to deities), students took part in several activities including dancing to the beats of the dhol (a traditional double-headed Indian drum), a Rangoli (a traditional Indian folk art in which patterns are created on the floor from various materials) competition, as well capturing memories for life at the photo-booth.

It wasn’t all just fun and games however, as faculty and students alike also did their part for a good cause by contributing generously towards the NGO ‘The School of Life’, which had set-up a stall with various goodies for sale.

Once again, congratulations to the five lucky draw winners and winning team from the Rangoli competition, and a happy Diwali to all!


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