A Mountain Of Emotions: Raffles Switzerland

SWITZERLAND – At Raffles, we provide students with experiences that not only equip them with valuable skill sets but also widen their horizons. With the inclusion of Raffles Switzerland’s overseas programmes, students are given the opportunity to expand their networks in an international community filled with a variety of cultures and heritages. They are also able to develop their knowledge through a mixture of practical and theoretical activities in areas of design, business, foreign languages, sports, culture, gastronomy and Swiss heritage. Here are the following programmes offered by Raffles Switzerland:

Two-week Term-Break Immersion Programmes
This programme offers students the chance to discover and to experience a fresh new cultural environment, acquire a design perspective and network with students from all over the world during their term breaks. Within two weeks, students will be engaged in a wide range of activities such as design and business workshops, French courses, outdoor sports, gastronomic workshops, cultural activities and field trips. This platform will serve as a great stepping stone for students who are keen to progress into international studies.

*Available in the 3rd and 4th week of December, March, June and September (other dates available on request).

Learning Camps
Held during the summer and winter holidays, Learning Camps provide students a unique combination of intensive French courses and workshops on specific themes like Swiss design, Swiss industry, business, or fine watchmaking. Additionally, outdoor sports, gastronomic workshops, cultural activities and field trips will be part of the programme as well.

*Available in summer and winter seasons, ranging from one to several weeks.

Our programmes are not only catered to students but also to our lecturers as well. Masterclasses are designated for Raffles Creative Practitioners to bring their students to Europe for a rewarding overseas experience. Tailor-made study trips have been organised according to interests and learning objectives of creative practitioners and students. Related activities involving areas of sustain & retain, interior design, Swiss watchmaking, Geneva Motor Show & Transportation Design and Milan Fashion Week are conducted to expose students and creative practitioners alike to a fresh new learning environment where they can engage in activities that they do not get in be part of often.

*Available all year long.

At Raffles Switzerland, our campus will be the base-camp to explore the world and to expand your horizons. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to design your next study trip in Europe. Our short-term programmes allow you to improve your language skills, acquire specific knowledge and engage with students of different backgrounds from all walks of life.

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