New Home For Raffles Beijing

BEIJING – On July 2016, Raffles Academy Beijing (RAB) moved to a new campus to provide long-term support and a better teaching environment for its students. The new and exciting campus is now located in the Sanlitun Central Business District, offering six major professional courses which include Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Digital Multimedia Design, Visual Communication and Commerce Management.

The new campus of RAB is now nestled in a top-notch international design environment. On the northern side of the campus is an embassy district. The embassy district includes more than 40 overseas representatives such as those from Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Turkey. On the west sits the artistic Sanlitun Fashion and Design Hub where many international brands mark their presence in China. In the vicinity is also the iconic Beijing Walker Stadium where high-profile concerts and events are held. Such events greatly help to enrich the student’s life outside of the classroom. In addition, Sanlitun is well served by public transport so students remain connected both in and out of campus.

The advantage of the new campus is not merely in its geographical location but also in its academic environment. RAB offers its students bright, spacious classrooms with a conducive learning environment. What’s more, the campus is fully equipped with the latest equipment such as sewing machines and, Mac OS functional workstations among others. The school library also houses a large collection of foreign academic books to inspire the students’ creativity. Security in the RAB campus is enhanced by facial recognition technology to safeguard the interests of students who may choose to stay late for revision.

RAB offers teaching programmes in 2+1 mode with English as the language of instruction during the students’ two-year stint in Beijing before they eventually transfer to Singapore for their third year of study. RAB programmes are conducted by international teachers including famous designers or professionals in their own fields such as Stefan Orschel READ, Dominic TURCOTTE, Meng Kok TAN, Karen JIANG, Alla BATTIU and David GILL who all have vast teaching experience to their names.

In order to inspire students in an international environment, RAB constantly holds frequent activities that combine classroom-based learning and production in the campus. With the number of internship opportunities available at international companies in Beijing, a large number of RAB alumni were able to establish their own brands or become active industry leaders upon graduation.

RAB looks forward to welcoming all international students to join our big family.
For more information, please email to Beijing@StudyatRaffles.com.


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