Pomeroy Studio’s Seminars for Singapore Design Week

SINGAPORE – In celebration of Singapore Design Week, Pomeroy Studio’s Founding Principal, Professor Jason POMEROY and jewellery designer, Ms Simone NG were invited to conduct 2 seminars at Raffles Singapore.

Seminar 1 – Jewels of Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration
This seminar explores the interdisciplinary collaboration between Professor Jason POMEROY and Simone NG, a Malaysian-born jewellery designer. It highlights the essence of interdisciplinary collaborations between each design professions, which hasten the advancement of objects through cross fertilisation of ideas.


Seminar 2 – Smart Cities 2.0 Beyond Technology
With the birth of big data and newer technologies, the world is taking on an unprecedented vision in creating a smart city. In spite of the rising trend of smart products such as driverless car, interactive fridge, and bike sharing schemes, Ivana provides different case studies from TV series, Smart Cities 2.0 hosted by Jason to all Raffles Interior Designers, to acknowledge the hindrance of governance, culture and community engagement, which upholds a differing view towards the creation of a smart city. At the same time, she encourages them to create designs that adapt to environmental characteristics and demands.

Raffles Singapore is grateful to have both of them for taking time off their busy schedule to share these great insights with our Raffles Designers.

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