Progression In Transition

SAUDI ARABIA – The prominence of women in the workforce has been highly regarded over the years. Specialised educational institutions have been pushing to increase female employment through a variety of programmes and curricula to meet the needs of the labour market in Saudi Arabia. Their fruitful efforts witnessed a rose of more than 350,000 jobs for women in the private sector by the end of 2015 and, according to the Ministry of Labour, the figure is expected to reach 450,000 by the end of this year.

With Raffles Riyadh as one of the supportive educational institutions that offer programmes and specialised diplomas in design, College Director Mrs. Hala Halawani said, “the main objective of our work is to enable females to achieve knowledge-based quality education in order to provide them with the needed skills to become designers and provide them the required expertise and skill sets needed to do business as professionals.” She also addressed the curriculum and the needs of the labour market in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the importance of securing suitable jobs for women. “We are constantly working to provide global educational programmes designed to provide females with skills necessary to break into entrepreneurship, which will definitely have a significant impact in supporting the national economy and to provide many job opportunities for girls after graduation,” Mrs Halawani added.

Global statistics has indicated that the design industry ranks in third place for disciplines in global demand by the year 2020. Mrs Halawani also spoke about social responsibility, mentioning how it has been implemented since the first day of operations and the allocation of study positions for talented and creative students so as to allow them to expand their potential and be the future leaders in their industry.

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