Sustaining Through Awareness

Sri Lanka – At Raffles, we believe in holistic education that provides opportunities for the development of the whole individual, including a personal sense of social responsibility. The collective view of the education process has encouraged us to be on parallel with the word “sustainability” as Raffles Colombo looks to take a step forward by achieving that approach.

In 2004, a deadly earthquake under the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami that swept across the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, leading to the displacement of over 500,000 and the deaths of over 35,000 people in this country. More than a decade later, areas of the country are still in the process of recovery and a couple of non-government organizations (NGOs) are actively involved in providing support to these efforts. Among all initiatives, one such group has direct its attention to the weaving industry by supporting micro-businesses for women who produce their own fabric to create sarongs (sarungs), sarees and shawls.


In order to support this initiative, sarongs were purchased by Raffles Colombo as corporate gifts that are accompanied with separate visiting cards from the women’s group and the college. This is meant to create awareness to the public of their painstaking efforts and it may seem to be a small effort on our side but we contribute to a worthy cause, every contribution counts.

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