YOON Gyuri

Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication Design

Now that I am ready to graduate from the Advanced Diploma programme, I still cannot believe two years of studying at Raffles College of Higher Education is over because it went really fast. However, when I think about what I have done so far, I remember there being so many things to do and take care of in order to complete good designs, so I can say that it was not easy. But I have learned a lot in design skills during the two years. Through challenges, I have gained knowledge that helps me view new dimensions of art; moreover, I can explain why it is good design with strong reasons, and I know how to deal with and improve design problems. The Visual Communication modules gave me great opportunities and fulfilling experiences through various projects. I believe that these must be helpful for my career. Lastly, I am also thankful to the lecturers who taught me design so well.