A Playful and Romantic Collection for On Cheong Jewellery 80th Anniversary

SINGAPORE – Raffles Singapore would, foremost, like to congratulate On Cheong Jewellery on their 80th anniversary since their establishment in 1936.

Out of the 17 Raffles Jewellery Designers who designed a range of commemorative pieces to mark this milestone, Raffles Designer, LI Zhiyu’s collection “Belle” was selected to be fabricated for sale in all On Cheong Jewellery boutiques.

Zhiyu explained that her design concept was a marriage of the themes of playfulness and romance. The rose alluded to the arrival of Valentine’s Day, while a sense of play was encompassed by the puzzle-like design of the round pendant – the circle could be opened up into the separate elements of rose, leaves, and outlines, all connected as a wide arc. This transformability allowed the wearer to vary her pendant according to her mood.

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