Asia Students Package Design Competition (ASPaC) 2017

JAKARTA – Raffles Graphic Designer, Alicia Rachel THIO from Raffles Jakarta, has won the International Merit Award for Asia Students Package Design Competition (ASPaC) 2017 organised by the Japan Foundation, ASPaC Association, and the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA).

Tea-drinking is an integral part of the Indonesian culture; therefore, tea was the product of choice for this competition. This award-winning packaging design aims to:

  1. Heighten the appreciation of Indonesian tea,
  2. Promote the natural beauty and culture of Indonesia, and
  3. Introduce new usage of the packaging.

The judges commented, “Witnessing Alicia’s packaging design in the early stage of submission, we were fascinated by how she combined the Indonesian culture with elegant design execution, quality crafting, and simple detailed packaging. Furthermore, the idea of reusing the packaging as a coin box, helps to protect the environment in a small, yet powerful manner.

The natural beauty of Indonesia, depicted through its clear water, sandy beaches, and green scenery on the packaging, represents the land where the famous Jasmine Tea comes from. Wrapping the Jasmine Tea with cultural identity and local wisdom in good craftsmanship makes it “More than just Tea”. If such a product can eventually be sold as a special luxury gift in department stores or airports, visitors will proudly purchase it as a symbolic gift from Indonesia.”

Alicia Rachel THIO

Raffles Graphic Designer, Alicia Rachel THIO and Programme Coordinator of
Visual Communication & Digital Media Design, LEE Kin Keong

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