Branding Strategy Proposal for Je T’aime Perfumery

SINGAPORE – Ms. Prachi SAINI, Director of Je T’aime Perfumery and Perfume Workshop Singapore visited Raffles Singapore to share more about her company’s product, Singapore Memories, with our Raffles Entrepreneurs, Fashion Marketers, and Fashion Designers. They will be developing a branding strategy proposal for the product range of Je T’aime, as part of an industry collaboration for their module, Introduction to Brand Management.

Having previously created signature perfume for Ministers, titled 1965 and 1981, Je T’aime Perfumery has also collaborated with various museums, and created the Singapore Scent, which was exhibited at the Singapore Science Centre. Ms. Saini enlightened our students on her company’s branding and the process of how to build a sustainable and credible brand which suits consumers’ needs and wants, and resonates with their desires.

Our students were encouraged to examine the brand building process and branding strategy options to build an emotional connection with consumers, establish and sustain compelling market position, and differentiate the brand from its competitors. Gaining such industry exposure will empower our students to stay ahead of the fast-paced industry and break new ground in their future careers.

Here are a few snapshots from the sharing session!


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