Delivering the Spirit of Perfection through Interior Design

Singapore – “Our 27 Houses are all inspired by the same spirit of perfection, shaped by the ongoing quest for innovation they pursue daily, from production and marketing to distribution, in order to continually strengthen the appeal and reputation of our brands.” Mr. Philippe SCHAUS, CEO of Moët Hennessy

Raffles Singapore is proud of Raffles Interior Designers, KIM Sung Bin, LEE Chaeyun, Engela PELAFU, and Jose MANUEL, for winning the design challenge of the Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific’s office space and delivering the spirit of perfection!

Certificates of Excellence were also awarded to the following teams:
Tripti GUPTA, Prachi AGARWAL, Clarissa Halim AUDINNYA, and NGUYEN Tran Hieu
GUO Bingling, LIU Shibei, YANG Shihui, and HONG Poo Quar
HNIN Thazin Win, AUNG Theint Nitra, Kwangpil CHOI, and Arushi BHARGAVA

Congratulations to our Raffles Interior Designers on their achievements!

A successful industry collaboration by Design!

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