Dimensions Of Fabric

HONG KONG – After months of planning, coordination and production, on 29 September 2017, the exhibition entitled “Dimensions of Fabric” opened at K11 Art Space in Hong Kong under the creative direction of Manuela CATANIA, Ero PAGLA and Victor SERRANO and the support from K11. This event brings together all the Design Faculties at Raffles Hong Kong to showcase a series of fabric manipulations alongside Italian furniture pieces.

The project was born out of the curiosity to re-discover the sense of home. Through an organic process of experimentation, the design quickly encountered the words: connection and interaction. The idea that home is that comfortable space defined by the links people make with one another beyond their living spaces became the driving force of the project. Fabric was used as the main material due to its emotional quality. Starting with a line, a strand, one can combine infinitely to create surfaces with colours, patterns and textures of high emotional character. Each student collaborated in an interdisciplinary manner to produce a series of fabric manipulations that became a kind of artwork to furnish the exhibit acting both as backdrops for furniture and as main characters of the space.

As one enters the place, a series of unfinished wooden framework draw the attention to a series of fabric experiments that begin to tell the story of the exhibition. The title wall consists of an array of wooden letters and coloured strings that project in shadows the words “Dimensions of Fabric”. Passing the first area the viewer is then confronted with an interactive world map where they can make connections of their own by using strings. Then an abstract “Fabric Chandelier” allows the patrons to get closer to the fabric and serves as a preamble to the main exhibit area. Here three modules contain six pieces of furniture set up in a kind of intimate space that mimic the space of a home and there is a contrast between the raw nature of the fabric manipulations and the fine detail of the furniture. At the end, an abstract “Fabric landscape” appears to come alive and even though there is no clear functionality to it, everyone seems to have a personal connection and feeling about it.

During the period of the exhibit visitors will be able to experience the space and also to create their own fabric pieces that will become part of the installations giving the project an evolving quality that reflects the idea of the home and the city.


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