Discover Northern Magic – A Tale of Five Finnish Artists

SINGAPORE – “Discover Northern Magic – A Tale of Five Finnish Artists” is now officially open to public!

Raffles College of Higher Education is proud to collaborate with Design Finland 100, to present “Discover Northern Magic – A Tale of Five Finnish Artists”, a multimedia exhibition, to celebrate Finland’s 100th year of independence. Upon being officially launched on 23rd November by Guests of Honour, Finnish Ambassador to Singapore, Her Excellency Ms. Paula PARVIAINEN, and Singapore’s Ambassador to Finland, Mrs. Jayalekshmi MOHIDEEN, the exhibition is open to public from 24th November till 11th December, Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 6pm.

Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education, Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI, shared, “From the conceptualization of this exhibition’s identity by Raffles Graphic Designer, Monica HUTAMA, to the curation of this multi-sensory experience by the committed team of Raffles Multimedia Designers, to the planning and execution of tonight’s event by Raffles Business students, we aim to make Finnish art accessible to the public through design.”


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The works of these artists, Michael SCHILKIN, Birger KAIPIAINEN, Rut BRYK, Kaj FRANCK, and Kyllikki SALMENHAARA, have made a significant contribution in moulding Finland as a design-centred country, receiving the highest number of design awards globally as compared to the size of its population.

With Southeast Asia being recognized as the new growth engine of the world economy and a significant market for Finnish companies, Design Finland 100 aims to foster new relationships with academic institutions such as Raffles Singapore.

Be awe-inspired and let these Finnish artists’ works take your breath away, in our multimedia exhibition, conceptualized by our Raffles Digital Media Designers, through Virtual Reality, Motion Sensor, and Augmented Reality.

Check out our guests trying out the Motion Sensor technology and digitally touching prominent works of Finnish artists, Kyllikki SALMENHAARA, Kaj Gabriel FRANCK, and Birger KAIPIAINEN, at the official launch!


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Check out our guests trying out the Augmented Reality technology, to see Finnish artist, Rut BRYK’s famous ceramic pieces come alive from a two-dimensional image in a book to a realistic three-dimensional perspective, at the official launch!


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Check out our guests trying out the Samsung Gear VR Oculus to get a 360-degree view of Finnish artist, Michael SCHILKIN’s art pieces against the background of Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis, at the official launch!


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