Dressmaking with Hewlett-Packard (HP)

SINGAPORE – Our Raffles Singapore Fashion Designers participated in a recent collaboration with Hewlett-Packard (HP). They created an array of dresses and the idea behind their designs was to create a capsule collection that best reflected Asian Elements that could be seen in each of the dresses.

The students experimented with the Tyvek material from HP, and adopted an unconventional approach of dressmaking techniques so as to portray the best possibilities of the material provided by HP.

Here are some snapshots of our students’ creations!
Raffles Singapore looks forward to exploring future collaborative projects with HP in all aspects of our design disciplinary.


Designed by: Annabel ZEE, CHEN Hui Ako & Priya AHUJA
Left to right: Annabel ZEE, CHEN Hui Ako & Priya AHUJA
Designed by: LIU Yisha, JIN Lin Long & TANG Jiaying
Left to right: LIU Yisha, TANG Jiaying & JIN Lin Long
Designed by: Ayush CHANANA, HUANG Xinning & Kritika MADAN
Left to right: HUANG Xinning, Ayush CHANANA & Kritika MADAN
Designed by: LI Qianying & WANG Wei
Left to right: LI Qianying & WANG Wei
Designed by: CHEN Yingjie, HUANG Chen & WANG Yidi
Designed by: Elaine ONG Tse Huey, Jeffrey GOH Jao Ren & Yvonne LEE Xie Phei

This look is inspired by the ideal of a box within a box, we wanted it to have the 3D effect. It is designed to fit in a box. For the skirt, we used a total of 6 meters and hand-pleated it into an accordion pleat.
Designed by: Arusha SINHA, CUI Yinling & Smithi VINOD Surana

It’s based on romantic feelings of romance in maze garden with blossoming flowers. Colourful mazes in light for romantics that lead to the garden of beauty.
Designed by: Ivy LIE, Yanlin TAO & YU Shen 

Inspired by the flower print, we pleated the whole dress to create volumes to resemble flower petals. We added horsehair to the hem for more flounce and use loops as the opening to anticipate fitting for different size.
Designed by: YANG Minchen, ZHANG Junhui & ZHOU Zehao 

We were inspired by the lines of the print.
Designed by: FENG Linlin, MO Yufei, TU Qiqi & WANG Chufu

Our inspiration is the combination of origami art and decorative art and the colour of the church’s stain glass.

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