Enthralled by Yayoi Kusama Exhibition

SINGAPORE – Check out Raffles Singapore students from the multiple disciplines, exploring the wondrous art of Yayoi Kusama’s works, at The National Gallery Singapore! Together with their Creative Practitioners from each programme, our students were enlightened about the variety of compositions, which comprise of dots, lines and multiple colours.

They might be Interior, Fashion, or Product Designers; they might belong to the Visual Communications or English programmes but nevertheless, the aim of Raffles remains the same: we believe in feeding the creative minds of our students by allowing them to have experiential learning and gaining insight and inspiration for their works. Be it the quirky use of colours and textures, the playful and cheeky arrangement of shapes and objects, or the whimsical descriptions behind each of the artworks, the Kusama exhibition was an amazing adventure for our Raffles students!

Our students will then be better prepared for professional excellence in their future, by combining their imaginative and innovative attributes in their journey to pursue their passion.

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