Face of Singapore 2017

SINGAPORE – Congratulations to the 5 winners, Hassanal Ruslan, Phone Pyi Kyaw, Vanessa Ho, Vyctoria Chee, and Abby Som who ardently participated in the “Face of Singapore 2017” competition on 26 May 2017, jointly organised by Raffles Singapore and Reebonz. Our winners will be heading to Korea to represent Singapore in competing for the prestigious title of “Face of Asia”.

Drawing inspiration from fashion elements that complement each and every form of beauty, the fashion show showcased a diverse collection from successful Raffles Fashion Designers Regina LUKITO and Kiang Inge Marthani KANESIA. They each dressed seven contestants from their labels at the finals.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event a huge success. We hope you had a fun adventure exploring your passion and allowing yourself to immerse in an enriching and liberating experience!

This has truly been a distinguished and awe-inspiring collaboration between Raffles Singapore and Reebonz!


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Have a look at what went on behind the scenes while gearing up for this successful event, “Face of Singapore 2017”.


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