FEVO Prepaid Mastercard® Card Competition 2016

SINGAPORE – Raffles Graphic Designers, Kevin TRINIDAD, Monica HUTAMA and Manish KUMAR emerged as the top winners of the FEVO prepaid Mastercard® Card Competition 2016 where out of the 20 designs selected for Facebook voting, the top five designs voted as the best designs for this competition were solely from Raffles Singapore.

Letting their creative juices flow, they personalized the FEVO prepaid Mastercard® Card based on one of the 3 themes:
Doodle Frenzy – Taking doodling to the next level and personalize FEVO prepaid Mastercard® Card.
Vintage Photos – Create a vintage scene with antiquities and photograph it to showcase the designer’s imagination
Charcoal Painting – Draw or illustrate any object, place or situation with charcoal as the primary medium of choice.

We were also proud and honoured to have Ms Agnes CHUA, Manager for Prepaid Products (EZ-Link) to present the Certificate of Appreciation to the winners.

Thank you and well done Raffles Designers!


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