Forging A Career In Animation

SINGAPORE – Educational and career goals define a person through the different stages of life. The decisions we make can impact our lives so it would be beneficial to get a clearer understanding of the big picture before making further advancements. As students from Australian International School (AIS) take the next step in their journey of lifelong learning, Raffles Singapore was invited to organise a career fair at the AIS campus and Animation Design was one of the programmes introduced in the presentation, among many others.

Delivered by International Creative Practitioner, Federico FIORE, the presentation touched on multiple aspects of animation design such as elements, case studies and even career prospects. Leveraging the case study of Raffles Designer Samal BANDARA’s award-winning graduation project “Schizophrenia” ,Federico expounded on processes that included ideation, screenplay, storyboard, 3D animatics, and compositing and editing. Raffles’ participation in Samsung Fashion Steps Out was also mentioned in the talk and Federico highlighted the possibilities of Raffles students partaking in industry-related projects. The attendees were also treated to a virtual reality (VR) experience that gave them an insight into the technical and visual aspects of animation design.

For AIS students in grades 10 to 12, the presentation provided them a superior vantage on Animation Design, They were captivated by the limitless possibilities that this programme can bring and were equally enthusiastic about the prospects of being a Raffles Designer.


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