Frankfurt Style Award 2017

SINGAPORE – The Frankfurt Style Award is an established international talent contest for fashion and design. For eight years running, the competition has given young fashion design students a horizon of opportunities to optimize their creativity and showcase their skills and talents to the broad public.

Congratulations to Raffles Fashion Designer, Yvonne LEE Xie Phei on attaining 1st Runner-up in the #working category: “From Hand Made to Statement”, at the 10th edition of the Frankfurt Style Award competition, held on 10th November, at Fraport-Forum Frankfurt Airport!

Titled “The Gardener”, Yvonne’s collection is inspired by the artwork of Brazilian collage artist, Mr. Marcelo MONREAL. It focuses on the nature of human beings, finding their true talents endlessly and working hard on discovering the right way and time to shine in society, similar to how a gardener will patiently wait for his or her owers to bloom brightly someday.

Under the guidance and support of Raffles Singapore’s team of international Creative Practitioners, Yvonne and her four fellow designers, Annabel ZEE Hui Ling, Ommar Davin Morrow YOHANSHA, CUI Yinling, and Jeffery GOH Jao Ren, were honoured to have the opportunity to showcase their capabilities on stage, alongside other international finalists in this competition, gaining international exposure and broadening their portfolios.

Raffles Singapore is proud of our students’ efforts and congratulates them on their accomplishments!


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