Guest Talk by Mr. Pavel GOLOVKIN from ZONT Synthesizer

SINGAPORE – Our Raffles Product Designers were enlightened on how to develop a great passion for creating beautiful, minimalistic, and functional products to simplify people’s lives.

Mr. Pavel GOLOVKIN, Founder and Design Director of ZONT Synthesizer, visited our Raffles Singapore campus on 20th October, to share more about his experience in the Product Design industry, and to have an interactive discussion with our students with regard to the process of creating an award-winning concept with ZONT Synthetizer.

Students learnt that by integrating creativity and design principles through drawing skills and hands-on projects, they will be able to generate design concepts and develop them into final products.

They also understood the importance of networking and having strong industry exposure so as to gain the best relevant experience to establish themselves as product design professionals. By integrating their own identity in their choice of design solutions, our designers will be able to sustain a compelling market position by differentiating their brand from competitors and staying ahead in the fast-paced industry.


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