Introducing Alla BATIUK from Raffles Beijing

CHINA – Alla BATIUK is one of Raffles Beijing’s Creative Practitioners in Fashion Design. Her expertise is in Fashion Drawing, Illustration, Colour Theory, Fashion Trend, and Fashion Development.

Before joining Raffles Beijing, she graduated with Bachelor and Master Degree in Fashion/Costume Design in Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine. She used to be a designer for Batter Flei, Victoria Gres, and the movie “The Champions from the Gate-away”.

Alla likes her teaching career, as the positive interaction with students motivates her on a day-to-day basis.

To inspire her students, Alla shared her latest collection “Night Forest”. Alla shared: “Through this ’Night Forest‘, I can see the world of pure light from the stars in the night sky, and also the magic and mysteries of the forest covered by the dark of the night. The idea itself represents the purity and the mystery of nature, and that was the reason why I chose contrasting colours for the fabrics.”

Congratulations to Alla for her design, and special thanks for always being a cheerful and inspiring lecturer!

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