Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017

SINGAPORE – Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI, Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education, attended the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017, to lend his support to all our Raffles Fashion Designers. Joe is the Academic Link Advisor for the Fashion Department to Raffles Kuala Lumpur and is proud to introduce Nigel CHIA’s and Justin CHEW’s latest collection for the runway showcase!

Nigel CHIA with the release of his Capsule collection, “Papier Merveilles” in 2015, officially started up his own fashion line, NIGEL CHIA ATELIER, as a fashion director. Nigel’s primary goal for the future of his brand is to transform his label into that which is synonymous with both innovative and contemporary high fashion, and to maintain superior craftsmanship with every creation that is made with passion and love.

Nigel not only emerged as the Top Student for Academic Achievement, but also clinched the Best Collection Award for his first capsule collection in 2015, which was was selected and showcased during his graduation ceremony. He also went on to obtain the Young Designer Innovative Award at the Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA) 24th Anniversary.

Having a passion for the fashion industry, Nigel embraces time-honoured couture techniques with a modern sensibility, to create unique and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman. He now maintains direct influence over the creative direction of his three lines: ready-to-wear, bridal (measure to made), and the DeMuse Doll.

Raffles could not be more proud of Nigel and would like to congratulate him on his achievements and wish him continuous success in the future! Check out his amazing runway collection here:


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Raffles is also proud to introduce Justin CHEW’s latest collection for the runway showcase at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017!

This visionary designer showcased his first collection at the Malaysia International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) 2010, with a collection heavily inspired by the concept of bondage and boundaries. Upon expansion of his graduation collection, which was based on the concept of the human body, Justin emerged as a finalist in “MIFA 2011 Kronenbourg Who’s Next”. In 2013, he launched his very own brand, Justin Chew Basic Label, JTNC, along with his new startup store, ‘THISAPPEAR’.

Raffles is proud to witness Justin grow and become the designer he is today and congratulates him on his accomplishments! Check out his amazing collection here:


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