London’s Graduate Fashion Week 2017

HONG KONG – Today’s Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong) graduate Indu Rai showed at Graduate Fashion Week in London, representing the school, in the Swarovski International Catwalk Show. Out of 32 selected collections from across the globe, she was one of only two students whose collection was reviewed.

The Swarovski International Catwalk Show was an interesting and amazing way to see international students come together to exhibit work from their studies under one room. No two collections looked the same, and so it was inspiring for the audience to see the different techniques and approaches that these universities are encouraging.

This Swarovski International Catwalk Show was an insight into the many ways that fashion design is taught and developed around the world. The talent shone through in many ways.

Indu Rai
Ode to Forgiveness

Mission Statement:
Indu Rai is a Nepalese born designer educated in India and Hong Kong. She works to challenge gender and aesthetic norms through her designs and to break down the clichés and stereotypes of beauty imposed by society. She also believes in individuality and addresses this conceptually through her designs, making them timeless, genderless and ageless.

Collection Inspiration:
From Turkey’s crimes against homosexuals, to Pakistan’s rape victim deaths, the collection “Ode to Forgiveness” is a creative reaction to those people who have been killed in the name of honour.

Almost 20,000 women are killed worldwide each year for honour. The victims are stabbed, beaten, burnt, beheaded, hanged or stoned to death for the ‘honour’ of their families. The freedom of life shouldn’t give us the freedom to kill.

This collection argues that there is no honour in killing an innocent person. “Ode to Forgiveness” is a tribute to all the innocent lives that have been taken and for those who have died as a result of being who they are. This collection seeks to raise awareness about this critical global issue.

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