Product Design Workshops for Chengdu Students

SINGAPORE – Raffles Singapore Creative Practitioner of the Product Design Programme, Mr. Hector SALAZAR, conducted two workshops over the weekend, to promote product designing in Chengdu, China, organised by PS-One and Rosso, partners of Raffles Education Network.

The primary objective of the workshops was to allow the participants to bring out their creative spark and to explore various possibilities in design. The idea is to apply design methodologies to the project to enable the participants to generate ideas through an exploratory method.

Materials and tools were provided for the students to create a ‘paper shade’ for a desk lamp, and a smartphone dock station. The participants were then introduced to the properties of coloured paper, that can also be used to create unusual shapes, alongside exploring colour, light, as well as experimenting with shadow effects. Upon completion of the workshop, they were delighted to hold in their hands the models which they had produced from all their hard work.


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