Raffles Academy Beijing, Open House: Design Your Xmas

BEIJING – Visual Communication Open House with the Christmas theme was held on 9th of December in Raffles Academy Beijing Campus. Lots of fun and creativity were there in the open house, in spite of 2.5-hour long event.

After the Creative Practitioner Andrea HO gave a short introduction about patterns and basic graphic design principles, all the participants were given 1 hour to draw their Christmas ideas on a simulated living- room wall.

All of the participants showed great interest in graphic design. Even though their skills were not advanced at that moment, the potential was real and able to be uncovered if there were more time and practices given.

After completing the design, all “future designers” presented their design work and all the ideas behind it. Lots of nice wishes for friends and families in this Christmas holiday were the inspiration for them to design.

It was the pleasure for Raffles Academy Beijing to welcome all the participants to visit the campus, to learn something creative and fun. Hopefully, they will improve their skills, and be always creative in the future.

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