Raffles Interior Design Department Outing

SINGAPORE – Raffles Interior Design students, alongside their Creative Practitioners, enjoyed a fun-filled department outing on Friday, 18th August!

There was an Amazing Race, whereby everyone divided into teams and raced around East Coast Park. They were given clues to follow and they had to choose the correct path to take, so as to arrive first at their stations. Teams were also presented with activities including performing interactive tasks such as face painting, sand castle building, and many more.

The pleasant evening was followed by a barbeque, with a tasty galore of food, prepared by two of our Creative Practitioners, Louis Albert DUBE and Rosa LOPES, as well as some of the students.

The entire crew stayed on to get to know one another better, enhancing the bond between the students and Creative Practitioners, to ensure a favourable working relationship, in turn developing a conducive learning environment.


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