Raffles Interior Designers win HDB “Play for Thrill” Competition

SINGAPORE – Organized by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), the Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living aims to enhance HDB living and with this year theme of “Play for Thrill”, Raffles Interior Designers, VELARDE Charmille Grace Roldan won the 1st Prize and Most Popular Prize for her proposed idea “InfiniTree”, and Pratiksha KULKARNI won the Merit Prize for her proposed idea “Hoppipolla”.

VELARDE Charmille Grace Roldan
1st Prize

The InfiniTree is a playscape structure that is modeled after the infinity sign. The continuous curvilinear form provides endless circulation for kids to run around and explore. Curved forms are integrated to provide a playground free of sharp edges and little supervision is required as nets are placed around the perimeter of the higher levels to ensure the children’s safety.

Sustainability is achieved in the design through the playscape’s tree which is an artificial structure that utilizes solar panels in order to aid in providing energy to surrounding light posts. The panels also act as shades for the higher level of the playscape.

Pratiksha KULKARNI
Merit Prize

The hexagonal prism columns reflect nature’s very own creation in form of Icelandic Basalt Columns and the multi-colour scheme depicts the rainbows that are formed in the vicinity of these columns on an ideal day to give a glimpse into the nature’s magnificent creation.

The prisms are made of sustainable synthetic woods which is long lasting and cost effective in long term. Hexagon volumes are light weight and easy to move and they can be arranged in variety of manner offering high flexibility and can also be used as multi-functional spaces.

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