Raffles Jewellery Designers at The Gem Museum

SINGAPORE – Check out our Raffles Jewellery Designers, with Creative Practitioner, Ms. Sandra FIE, at The Gem Museum, as part of their Gemstones Identification Module.

Ms. LOKE Hui Ying, Founder of The Gem Museum shared more about the mining and cutting of raw stones. Our students were amazed by the types of gemstone collections, ranging from ordinary semi-precious stones to fossilized crystals, bixbites, and spinels. Students also had the opportunity to broaden their design perspectives by gaining exposure to the latest design trends and techniques, alongside possessing a solid understanding of both precious and semi-precious gemstones, used in the industry.

Our jewellery designers were encouraged to explore their creativity in designing commercially viable and ecologically friendly jewellery pieces through conceptualization, innovation, originality, to grow and stand out as future excellent professionals in the jewellery design industry.


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