Raffles Jewellery Designers mining for gems in Guangzhou, China

China – Raffles Jewellery Designers majoring in Coventry University’s Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fashion programme, together with Creative Practitioner, Sandra TIJA, visited Guangzhou, China, as part of the Global Experience module.

Organised by Mr Eddie CHOW, Secretary General, Gold and Silver Jewellery Association, the event gave students the opportunity to visit various jewellery companies, such as ZKin Jewellery Design Manufacturer, Ruby 3D, Zultanite, Dimsi 3D, Wen Wen, as well as My Ray, a company known for selling jewellery pieces online.

Students were exposed to mass production process and casting process, among other aspects of jewellery productions. They also learnt about the printing process of various types of metal, from brass to titanium.

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