Raffles Singapore proudly unveil “Passage of Inner Reflection” during i Light Marina Bay 2017

SINGAPORE – Light, the main source that has guided us through the decades and centuries, a phenomenal energy that allows us to witness all wonders of mother nature.

This very idea has inspired three Raffles Designers, namely, CAO Lunle, Vanessa RIADI, and Elvian CHAELFIN, to create a tunnel-like cave called the “Inner Reflection” which reflects the chronicles of humanity at the speed of light. It depicts the very aspects of lineage: Caves represent the habitat of our primitive forefathers; Shapes, the visual contour that light has made visible; Pulsating light effects, travelling through light years to reflect on our past and present.

The team would also like to encourage people to interact with their artwork and have an emotional connection with ‘nature’. The movement of each layer of the installation, under the ambit of lights and strength of the wind, magnifies the inter-relation of mankind and the elements around us.

Guided by Raffles Creative Practitioners from 3D Design and Multimedia Design, Hector SALAZAR and Michael LOO, this inter-department collaboration has enabled the Raffles Designers to apply their tacit knowledge in the real life problem solving processes.

Trained as a Product Designer, Lunle materialized his concept into a full scale design, while Vanessa and Elvian, given their multimedia background, developed the lighting effect that highlights the subtle motions under the natural elements like wind and moonlight to connect with the visitors.

With a tunnel-like cave that looks like a time machine, we seek to spread the appreciation for and understanding of the importance of light energy, seemingly going back in time to see how light has sustained us throughout the generations.

“Inner Reflection” is located at Marina Bay Area, beside Glutton’s Bay, next to the floating platform and our iconic Esplanade building.


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