Raffles Students volunteer for ‘El Seed’ in painting the Riyadh Reservoir

Riyadh – Students of Raffles Riyadh had the initiative to volunteer for the French-Tunisian ‘El Seed’ who has designed a mural for the reservoir of Riyadh. The Ministry of Culture launched its strategy with a major celebration and included in their ceremony “Garden of the Nation”, which had at its center the Riyadh reservoir, one of the oldest and most important landmarks of our beautiful capital… ‘El Seed’, despite his Arabic heritage, did not learn Arabic until he was at an advanced age, and this was in order to develop a new type of mural which centers on the Arabic calligraphy as both letters and poetry; he has shared its beauty across the borders of South Korea, North Korea, New York, Jeddah, Medina and Dubai.

The mixture today between Arabic calligraphy and graphic art has received international acclaim as Arabic calligraphy is a symbol of both strength and beauty, which has led ‘El Seed’ to believe that art has a great role among peoples and a greater role in the humanization of cities.

This information was presented in a lecture attended by a number of interested students and visitors in one of the most important educational institutions in the Kingdom, namely Raffles Riyadh. In the lecture he hosted at Raffles Riyadh, ‘El Seed’ said that his current project signifies a quantum leap for him in his artistic future, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s creative and artistic beauty have far exceeded his perceptions. Fourteen Raffles students volunteered for his “calligraffiti” project for the Riyadh reservoir, which has led to the artist being further impressed by the high level of education of Saudi women, their artistic taste, and their high spirits in working for art, and specifically for one of the most beautiful art projects designed to beautify their country.

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