Sakura Collection Asia Student Awards 2017-2018

SINGAPORE – The Sakura Collection Asia Student Awards 2017-2018 in Malaysia & Singapore ended with a big success! Raffles Fashion Designer, SHAO Ruowen, under the tutelage of Raffles Singapore Creative Practitioners, Arzelle VAN DER MERWE and Madeleine WONG, represented Singapore to compete with other national finalists in this competition with her collection. Ruowen, who presented her collection, Wound, during the finals and emerged as one of the top 12 finalists in the competition.

By designing in accordance with the primary theme, Japan, the competition aims to encourage creative design submissions, with different inspirations, and to ultimately witness the birth of the Grand Prix Winner Year 2017-2018, who will receive a fully-paid trip to Japan in March 2018, and get to stay and trial study in Bunka Fashion Gakuen University. The champion will also have the chance to showcase his/her designs in the Sakura Collection Japan fashion event, alongside various Asian top designers and models!

Raffles Singapore is proud of Ruowen’s efforts and looks forward to more of her collections in upcoming competitions!

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