Scent Branding at Jetaime Perfumery

SINGAPORE – Raffles Fashion Marketers attended a session on Scent Branding for tactical marketing strategies, as part of their Sensorial Marketing module.

Miss Prachi SAINI, Director of Jetaime Perfumery, guided the students while they created personalised perfume for themselves, and also a signature scent for the brand of their assignment. She has previously created signature perfume for Ministers, titled 1965 and 1981. Jetaime Perfumery has also collaborated with various museums, and created the Singapore Scent which was exhibited at the Singapore Science Centre.

At Raffles, we strive to unlock our students’ inner beings, to unleash their potential and hidden talent, and to nurture our students to look beyond their five senses. Our students’ creativity and innovation will then empower them to stay ahead of the fast-paced industry by striving towards self-actualisation, that will drive our students to break new grounds and to fuel the passion necessary, for their future careers.


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