Secrets of Ise Shima – The Akoya Pearls Jewellery Competition 2019

Singapore – Do you know that it takes a mussel six years to mature and the cultured pearl within it to reach its full size?

Pearls from Ise Shima are considered jewels, given the crystal clear and beautiful sea of Ise Shima, where the mussels are well cared for.

Raffles Singapore welcomed Ms. Maiko MAKITO, daughter of Mr. Toshikazu MAKITO, owner of Pearl Falco Corporation, for the launch of the “The grand prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima 2019” competition in Singapore. This year, the theme is “Four Seasons in Japan”.

Selected entries from Raffles Jewellery Designers will get to bring to reality their designs using these pearls and have their designs exhibited in Japan!

Raffles Singapore is proud of our students’ efforts and wishes them all the best for the competition!

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