Sustainable Urban Farming with Citizen Farm

Singapore – Raffles Interior Designers visited the Citizen Farm to draw inspiration for the Nippon Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2018 competition.

This year’s AYDA has a theme of “Challenging Design Boundaries”, centred around 7 Design Concept Statements (Conceptualization, Design Innovation, Critical Analysis, Design Sensitivity, Sustainability, Place-Making and Forward Thinking).

To that end, the Raffles Interior Designers visited Citizen Farm, a sustainable urban farm, to learn more about hydroponic and aquaponic farming systems, which tackle the problem of farming with limited land space. They then incorporated their findings into the conceptualisation of their project, which will be to design a Farm to Table Hydroponic Restaurant, showing understanding and highlighting the importance of sustainable design, as well as questioning the definition of a “restaurant”, thereby challenging the boundaries of existing design concepts.

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