Think Marketing, Think Sales

INDIA – Change is inevitable. It is an ongoing and inexorable force that drives events in business today at an accelerating speed. An understanding of change, reshuffling of management and potential impacts on business is critical for all graduates and practitioners and Raffles Greater Noida is making every effort to provide effective learning opportunities for our students.

While there are limited marketing conferences and round-table discussions where marketing and sales leaders can gather to discuss challenges or celebrate success across the country or the world, Raffles Greater Noida’s School of Management organised a Panel Discussion on ‘Think Marketing, Think Sales in Unpredictable Times!’ on 20 February 2016. The panel discussion was a platform that saw the presence of both sales and marketing professionals. The invited guest speakers were:

  • Sharad VERMA, Sales Head North India at Abbott Medical Optics
  • Ashish VARMA, Product Manager at Quest Diagnostics
  • Prashant RATHORE, Senior Manager – International Schools at Oxford University Press

Apart from the corporate speakers, Postgraduate Diploma of Management students Siddharth CHAUHAN, Sakshi TYAGI, Vartika CHAUDHARY and Md. SHAHZEB had the honour to present their perspectives during the discussion. The presentation was an opportunity for the four students to establish connections with experienced practitioners and learn from their expertises. Overall, It was an event filled with insights and opportunities where fresh new ideas and perceptions were showcased to the public forum.

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