WGSN (World’s Global Style Network) Seminar

SINGAPORE – Raffles Designers and Fashion Marketers were enlightened on how to create the future they desire for themselves, their future businesses, and consumers, through the services of WGSN (World’s Global Style Network), the first organization to combine high-end technology with human ingenuity to meet the unique needs of the global creative industry.

Ms. Jacqueline GOH, Account Manager, demonstrated to Raffles students on how WGSN enables insights and inspirations from around the world at the click of a mouse when on campus.

Students also understood how the roles of social media, marketing, and brand publicity come into play, to aid in the expansion of a business and to establish an online presence.

This will help them not only in reaching out and building a connection with consumers, but also in sustaining a compelling market position by differentiating their brand from competitors and staying ahead in the fast-paced industry.


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