Talents are inborn but success is by design. To succeed, one must take lead and not follow; Be inspired and not deterred; Innovate and not duplicate.

Get ready to be intrigued as Raffles unveil its successful alumni and their remarkable creations across a broad spectrum of industry-relevant disciplines.

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Ace Chia

"I am grateful to my lecturers, Professor Joe Spinelli, Principal and Programme Director of Fashion Design, Iskra Petroska, Programme Coordinator of Fashion Design, and Brian William Forst, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design, for making this happen. They have constantly provided me with encouragement, good teaching and sound advice throughout the course."

Afton Chen

"One of the most rewarding part from the Fashion Design programme, besides having great and helpful lecturers, was having classmates of various nationalities. The experience widens my perspectives and made my time there enjoyable. Thanks to the comprehensive courses and guidance of my lecturers, especially Joe Spinelli, I have benefited from the programme." Afton Chen finished her degree in Fashion Design at Raffles Design Institute in 2008 and started the label, Reckless Ericka, thereafter. In May 2009, Reckless Ericka debut with a fashion show at Audi Singapore Fashion Festival, BLUEPRINT featuring Blackmarket. The event was held alongside fashion bigwigs Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix and Gareth Pugh. In 2010, Reckless Ericka was ranked 23 by The Straits Times as Top 50 Faces to Watch in 2010. The first standalone boutique was opened in June 2010 at Stamford House, and relocated to Orchard Central in December 2010. In 2011, the label was picked to showcase at Men's Fashion Week 2011 (Singapore) in the Singapore Designers' Showcase. In 2012, Reckless Ericka presented their 1st solo showcase at Men's Fashion Week 2012 (Singapore). Balancing classic tailoring with edgy use of silhouette and colours, and constructing quirky shapes with classic details, the label is currently helmed by Afton Chen and Louis Koh.

Alfie Leong

Graduated in 1998, Raffles Designer Alfie Leong launched his own label "MU". While studying with Raffles Design Institute he won many awards for his designs such as Winner of Singapore Fashion Designer Contest in 1995, Winner of Smirnoff International Contest in 1997, and Winner of Home furnishing Fabric Fashion Design in 1998. In addition to these awards, Alfie also represented Singapore at various international fashion events like Smirnoff International Contest and Beijing Fashion Week. "Practicality and creativity are both important in my opinion of designing a fashion collection. A creative person must not feel that they have reached their highest level of achievement and be contented with what they have created as they will remain stagnant, never improve and will never be able to CREATE something new again."

Brett Cameron

Brett Cameron, currently the creative director of Kingsmen Exhibits Pte Ltd, was a graduate in Master of Design, majoring in Interior Design. He has won numerous awards such as the Singapore Design Awards (SDA). Brett Cameron's work was recognised as "Design of the Year" - at the annual "President's Design Award 2013". With more than 2 decades of working experiences, he is now a highly qualified interior, exhibition and museum designer.

Chiang Xiaojun

"Raffles puts focus on our technical skills and ensures that students are groomed creatively. And at the same time, they cover from the basics to the intricate details of constructing a garment so that students have a clearer picture of the know how. This motivated me to explore my own clothing creation beyond sketches. Raffles Creative Practitioners definitely played a very huge role in giving me constant feedback and guidance whenever I needed help. They showed me the ropes and even paved the way for me to bring my designs to another level."

Diana Widjayanto

I'm currently building up my own brand, in partnership with also a Raffles graduate Sylvia Widjaja. We are doing bridal and evening wear. But for my bridal line, my collection is pretty simple, its more into European style. Raffles has been supporting in marketing boost, marketing post graduates. Raffles has been also helping me to achieve my master degree in a very prestigious university by giving me alot of recommendations and references. And people are quite impressed with my portfolio which i achieved here in Raffles. Raffles has shaped me into a good Fashion Designer with a very strong foundation and basics. As a fashion designer we don't only design, we don't only sketch or draw, but we need to know the basic how to create the garments from zero: from pattern making, sewings, thats what i gained the most here. I gain alot from especially the lecturers, Mr Joe spinelli, he has been a very dedicated lecturer for me. Joe has been v helpful til now, after 10 years i graduated he still helping me if i have any questions, if i have any difficulties on running on my business, he still open up. Following passions and do it with diligence, those hardwork it get paid off. Founder of Grace Bridal Couture. Graduated from Raffles College of Higher Education, Bachelor in Fashion Design in 2004.

Jay Quek

Jay, currently Raffles Singapore Creative Practitioner, is our very own Raffles alumnus who graduated with a first class honours and Singapore's Top Fashion Graduate in 2003. After graduation, Jay started off as a designer in the well known fashion boutique, Celia Loe in Singapore. He set up his own label, POSSE shortly after, alongside Madeleine Wong, also Raffles graduate and winner of Singapore Young Designer Contest and Asian Young Designer Award 2003. In 2006, POSSE was awarded the label of the year by Elle Fashion Awards. Prior to joining Raffles College of Higher Education, Jay was also a fashion design educator for a tertiary institution in Singapore.

Joe Chia

"I had zero knowledge on fashion before joining Raffles. Raffles has built my foundation in my knowledge on fashion, art, design, ideas, patterns etc. I have learned to create basic to experimental pieces that involve pattern making and development process. These fuelled me to express the world in my head to physical garments. Raffles Singapore is a stepping stone to my career today."

Kiang Inge Marthani KANESIA

"One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought..." - Mary Shelley (Frankenstein)

‘Kreatur’ is an exploration of curiosity, grotesque, and romanticism taken from the story of Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, resulting in a creation of unconventional pieces with classic silhouette that marry modern menswear aesthetics and Victorian fashion.

Gain insight on what Raffles Fashion Designer Kiang Inge Marthani KANESIA has to share about her experience at Raffles Singapore and how it helped her to pursue her innate passion for style and fashion! Get to know all about her achievements and success story now.

Lawrence Chong

Raffles Visual Communication graduate, Lawrence Chong, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of business design consultancy Consulus and President of the Designers Association of Singapore (DAS).

Madeleine Wong

A BA (HONS) Fashion Design graduate of Raffles Design Institute, Madeleine joined the Raffles Family in October 2011. Her skill set garnered at Raffles Design paved roads to a journey beginning at local design house, Celia Loe where she ran label L.O.E, then she became Brand Manager for Bysi, and Designer for Song & Kelly @ Club 21, before setting up her own label ' Posse' which she co -founded with her partner, Jay Quek. Madeleine's passion for designing has also diversified into creating bags in Taiwan and another luxury T-shirt brand in Singapore. Crowned winner for both her individual work and label, the collections have been presented at many locations including Kuala Lumpur, London, Sydney, Bangkok, Shanghai and Singapore Fashion Week, just to name a few. Passionate in quality garment making, Madeleine's strength lies in women’s wear, craftsmanship and a love for textiles.

Paul Nathaphol

"It has been proved to me that is the best fashion school in Singapore. I think that the good creative practitioners is important because i came into the school with no knowledge and no prior experience in fashion. And these creative practitioners are the ones who trained and who guide me and they helped to shape me up as a designer so i believe that they are really important because they are one of the first few steps you have in fashion industry and with them you are able to learn and to grow as a person, as a designer. Principal Joe Spinelli has been very patience with me and always there for me when I can't do certain things and he always there to help and to guide and share experience, his thoughts and with that i’m able to learn and gain alot more experience through him and through his experiences. The experience in Raffles has taught me to lead in myself as a designer and to always stand for my creations. Many times in school as a student i do not have confidence in myself and over time the school the lecturers have taught me to be more confident and to really stand for my creations and believe in myself."

Randoll Lee

"The reason why I chose Raffles is because of the wide range of knowledge covered across the courses. However it is the process of pursuing my studies that kept me going on. The lecturers are all very nice, particularly Louis who has helped me a lot and got me involved in many projects such as the 3D Cyber Museum competition launched by The National Heritage Board in 2010. He showed me the difference between learning and the real working world."

Regina Fang

Regina Fang graduated from Raffles Singapore Design Institute in 2003. Registered in Singapore at 2006, NEWFOUND currently has over 158 outlets throughout mainland China. In 2008, NEWFOUND ventured into China and by 2009, NEWFOUND concentrated in venturing the China market. "I am very thankful for the school in nurturing me and providing a very strong foundation and basics for my career now. I am a very lucky person. From young, i had a dream to become an outstanding designer. I am lucky to be studying in Raffles Design Institute. During the times in Raffles, i would like to thank the school for the cultivation structure and advance technology for enhancing my knowledge in the fashion industry. There are many obstacles met in building the brand, however, I will always remember what Joe has said to me: "You are the future fashion queen!" This has kept me going on and on and encouraged and strengthened my belief for my brand. To Joe, "You have nurtured a successful student; however, to me you changed my entire life!" I'll like to thank Raffles Design Institute, Principal Joe Spinelli and the creative practitioners. Without all of you, there will be no NEWFOUND today. I will hold this gratitude from Raffles Design Institute to always give my support in future collaborations."

Regina Lukito

Where Angels Dare Not Tread
“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.” – Leonardo da Vinci

I have always been fascinated by the way different cultures and people deal with the subject of death. How different these practises all over the world are! – but in all their differences, one thing remains the same: ‘death comes at the end’.

Robin Hoong

"The modules Raffles have provided simulates to the actual working industry. What we have learned can easily be applied to our job. Life is not a bed of roses, there are bound to be obstacles in work and passion is the key to keep you going."

Sean Loh

"I had an interest in fashion at a very young age. That was how I got connected to fashion. I graduated from Singapore, Raffles Design Institute in 2011 and started my own brand thereafter. Since young, I am always interested in what people are wearing and what I am wearing myself. Until I joined Raffles Design Institute, I found that fashion is the perfect medium to express myself emotionally and artistically."

Sheila Agatha Wijaya

Sheila Agatha Wijaya came from a small town in Central Java, Indonesia. Her fashion education starting from taking up Diploma in Fashion at Raffles Design Institute in Malaysia. After obtaining her diploma, she continued her Fashion Design Degree in Raffles Singapore. In December 2011, she graduated and became a fashion consultant for MediaCorp. In 2012, she decided to try the bridal industry by joining one of the bridal label in Singapore. At the end of last year, she has decided to return to Indonesia to expand her career there and developed her own brand name "Sean & Sheila".

Sven Tan

"I transferred to Raffles for my degree programme after finishing my advanced diploma. What attracted me to Raffles was really the technical strength the school has. I was a competitive student who took part in many competitions when I was schooling. I was exposed to the work which Raffles students produced through my participation in competitions, and there is no doubt that Raffles is the strongest in craftsmanship; and all the technical aspects in fashion and I attributed all these to Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli, Principal & Programme Director for Fashion Design. Thus, all I wanted to do was to enroll into Raffles to be an apprentice of Joe. I am really glad I made the transfer to Raffles to become an apprentice of Joe. He did not disappoint me at all. Joe is a great lecturer who has a vision of how each student could be morphed into, and he will go the extra mile for his students. What really impressed me was also his willingness to impart his knowledge. As a mentor, he is really selfless." 33-year-old Sven Tan and 30-year-old Kane, both Star Fashion Design graduates from Raffles College of Higher Education shared with us their vision of "In Good Company".

Tsai Ming Hung

In the past 15 years of my residence in SG, one of the highlights began in 2003 when I first entered Raffles Design Institute to take up a course in Fashion Design. It was here I found my true calling as I was strongly encouraged to join many fashion competitions and activities both locally and internationally, which earned me numerous recognition such as the Asian Young Designer Award, Audi Star Creation etc. After graduating with "Top Student" award at Raffles Design Institute, I was subsequently offered a scholarship to continue to pursue a degree in Fashion Design which I graduated with 1st class honours. Having been creatively and actively involved in the local fashion scene has brought about plenty of media exposure for me as I was constantly featured in newspapers and magazines, at the same time having garnered a chance to be interviewed on local TV program. Given the chance, I will continue to strive to promote the local fashion scene and bring it to greater heights through my design and innovation.


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